Ravensworth Station

In the heart of the Riverina, nestled between Hay and Balrandald, Ravensworth Station is a long-established family run business specialising in cotton, feed crops, and cattle feedlots. But with such a large property, it can be difficult to keep track of which farm owns what land, and mistakes can be made.

RRID was contacted by this family regarding their title boundaries, as they’d discovered that a 48.2ha triangle of land in their north-western corner had been fenced off long ago and was occupied by a neighbouring station. At the same time, an 86.6ha section in the south-east was occupied by Ravensworth but owned by their neighbours!

We surveyed the affected sites and pegged the correct boundary locations, then produced two not-in-common-ownership subdivision plans. As an added complication, an easement was needed for a 500mgl irrigation channel that traversed the site. This channel is now jointly operated by Ravensworth and yet another neighbouring property, who share both the water and the maintenance issues.