Burnewang North

Burnewang North is a historic property situated between Elmore and Rochester in northern Victoria. The farm is used primarily for the rearing of racehorses, with crops including lucerne hay, oaten hay, canola, oats, and wheat all grown as fodder for their horses and for commercial sale.
With such a thriving business and rich history to uphold, the owners of Burnewang North saw the importance of drought-proofing their land and got in contact with RRID.

After consultation with our client, our first move was to complete a farm survey. By completing broad acre and detail surveys, we determined the dimensions of areas required for irrigation, and could move onto designing a formal drainage and reuse system to service the entire property. Once the final design was signed off, RRID worked with local contractors to install the main line and hydrant hardware, including a new pump station. We were also able to liaise with power core for the implementation of a new 300kVA transformer and infeed lines to service the system.
The new irrigation system was designed to incorporate supply from both the Goulburn Murray water supply system and a supply from the Campaspe River at the other end of the property, and utilises 3 T61 Rainstar Hardhose Irrigators, which are easily moved around the property and attached to pre-installed hydrants at each location.

Burnewang North have since won the GMW Rural Water Award for best above ground water system.